Europe’s highest fjord view by road – 1500 meter

Imagine standing on a mountain top, breathing good mountain air and enjoying the views over snow-covered mountains and the Geirangerfjord, part of the West Norwegian Fjords UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can experience all this – and more – at Dalsnibba. And guess what? You don’t even need to walk a single step.

Buy your ticket now to experience the Geiranger Skywalk – Dalsnibba.

The toll station on the road up to Dalsnibba, Nibbevegen, is open. In the spring and autumn, Nibbevegen and Dalsnibba may close at short notice due to snow. Closed road notifications are published on Facebook and Instagram.

Otherwise, you can book a ticket online that you scan yourself, or you can pay at the machine in the toll station.

Nibbevegen and Dalsnibba are available around the clock.

How to get here

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Road status

The road to Dalsnibba is open. The road may close on short notice due to snow. Road reports are published on Facebook and Instagram


Realtime view from the top.

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Geiranger Skywalk


Mt. Dalsnibba’s new viewing platform was officially opened in August 2016. Thanks to its ingenious floor surface and glass guard Geiranger Skywalk gives you a sensation of floating! With a clear drop of approx. 500 m, you can enjoy magnificent views of Geiranger and Blåbreen glacier.
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The Dalsnibba shop


Our shop, located in the distinctive service building at the top of Dalsnibba, sells souvenirs you won’t find anywhere else. We also offer a range of locally sourced products such as juices and jams. And who knows, perhaps the offer of the week will be just what you’re looking for!
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Experiences around the clock


There is much for you to discover at Dalsnibba. Bring a packed breakfast to Dalsnibba to eat while enjoying the sunrise, or round off the day with a magical sunset over the World Heritage Site. Late in the season, the spectacular canopy of stars on a dark August night is something you’ll never forget.
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The Nibbevegen road


The road up to Dalsnibba is one of the most ambitious road-building projects ever seen in Norway. Along the way, you’ll find info boards telling the unique history of the road, which is a sequence of hairpin bends and an experience in itself. It also gives a foretaste of the spectacular views awaiting you at the top to whet your appetite!
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